Wednesday, December 21, 2005

If You're Bored......

They made a big mistake when they gave me the password to this blog :D

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Looking Forward

I have been absent season 6 due to real life issues which took over so I was unable to fulfill my duty as MLP head Admin.

Reading David's post below I understand there have been problems but I take the blame. I left leaving the team to deal with it all having given no clear brief as to what was expected. I thank them all for their hard work even though many feel it's been a rough season... they've managed to get it all done which I am grateful for.

As I have said before I will be back in charge next season, there are substantial changes to be made as MLP is moving with the times.

The two main issues I will be addressing are:

  • Role of Admins and Umpires
  • Rules & inconsistancy

Season 7 of MLP will be a challenge but we will all be prepared! I for one am truly looking forward to it kicking off sometime early February.

All that’s left for me to say for now is Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Season 6 Overview

With the season heading for it's climax, some members have been quick to voice their opinions on how badly the season has been run, so I thought I'd sum up my thoughts on how it all went.

Season 6 started off with a major problem - the Head Admin was MIA. While we knew Sohpie was going to be offline for a while, the timing couldn't have been worse. We had no clue when she would be back, so we posponed the start of the season for a week or two just in case she made it back online. Unfortunately she didn't, so we made the decision to go ahead and get the season underway. I say 'we', becasue although Sophie left me at the helm, the Admin team as a whole were involved in all the major decision-making. I guess starting a new season without the Head Admin is a pretty major decision. As it turned out, we were right to go ahead, Sophie still isn't fully back online

Critics who say the start of the season was rushed, are, no doubt the same ones who would have slated us for delaying the start any longer. Certainly a good deal of the functionality of the MLP website wasn't finished, plus we had to switch servers, but there was enough of it in place to be operational.

The first few weeks went well. No major problems came up. Of course there were minor issues. There always will be with an entity like MLP where so many people are involved. It was around this time that Cubby left the admin team. Shortly afterwards, he found himself boxed. I didn't box him, but I fully supported the Admin who did, and I refuesd to overturn the decision. The main gripe about that whole issue is that we came down harder on Cubby than we would have another member. That is entirely true. We felt that he deliberately undermined what we (including him) had tried to do to clean up MLP. From that point on, he clearly made it his business to discredit the Admins, and me in particular at every opportunity. When someone made a forum, he found it the ideal vehicle for his vendetta.

The fact that most of the critisism was based on a mixture of half-truths and pure fiction was unknown to most people. A few others joined in the fun, clearly hoping to take over the 'bad-boy' position from Cubby, who was no longer a member of MLP.

The forum owner asked that MLP put a link to his site. We had already discussed this as admins. Ironically, it was me who proposed it. It was voted down. Shortly after, it came up again. The forum owner decided to talk to me about it on Messenger while I was busy. The fact that I couldn't talk at that particular time seemed to be totally unreasonalbe, so I came under fire for not being able to multi-task. The question of linking to, and therefore endorsing the forum was voted on again. Again it was voted down.

That should have been the end of it, but astonishingly it wasn't. I agreed that if the majority of Admins wanted it, we would link to it. A third vote took place. Once again it was voted down.

While some people, including me, miss the predictions and results, I would rather have nothing than have to look at immature and un-necessary rants.

It was around this time that I decided to pull back from the spotlight for a while. Not because I couldn't handle it, not becasue I was voted out, and not becasue anyone asked me to. I did it becasue I believed that the adverse publicity and negativity was not in the best interests of MLP.

During the season I've resited the temptation to hit back at the critics. Early on I would answer the critisisms with the true version of events, but nobody wanted the truth.

Now on to answers to some of the myths.

  • Have there been errors in the standings? Yes.
  • Was the programming 100% bug free for the 1st half of the season? No.
  • Is the programming 100% bug free now? Yes, as far as I know.
  • Has human error resulted in many of the standings errors? Yes.
  • Has the new system helped to get results and standings published faster than ANY other interleague, to the point where you can read the results on the website moments after the match finished? Yes.
  • Do the Admins allow some members to get away with stuff becasue they are friends? No. If that was found to be the case, it would be addressed.
  • Have some of the Admins made dubious decisions? Sure. they are human. We've always tried to correct it though.
  • In retrospect, were any of the Admin appointments unwise? Yes. It's not until you do it that you understand what's involved. It doesn't suit everyone.
  • Did I, or does Brandi make all the decisions? No. Either the senior Admins, or more usually the whole Admin team will meet to talk over issues, and then vote.
  • Will MLP be going back to the old website next season? I don't think so, but that's Sophies call. the current site is back on her server now, so she can't do whatever she feels is best.

I do believe that the new site has drastically cut down the update and maintenance time that admins spend on it. Yes it had some teething troubles, and yes, there are mods to do, but it is still worth enduring the mistakes in my opinion.

What often gets lost in all the drama, is the large number of members who seem able to play all season without feeling the need to constantly complain. Nobody ever said that MLP is perfect. Nobody would say that the rules are 100% effective. I think most people would say that MLP is still the best Interlegue out there. Judging by the number of requests to take part in season 7, some others would agree. We have some big issues to resolve, and some hard questions to answer. I'd be interested to see what members like, and dislike about MLP.

As for the future, I think we'll see a radically different MLP in season 7. Less teams, a real HA, and maybe even some surprises ;)


Monday, November 21, 2005

No posts?

I just thought I'd post something for all the peeps who love to keep track of how long its been since anyone posted. :)